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Organising Services provides you with hands-on help to declutter and organise your home or office.

A personalised service tailored to your specific needs.

Decluttering and organising your whole house - or single rooms.

Examples of services include:

  • Wardrobe decluttering
  • Dealing with paper clutter
  • Set up office systems
  • Decluttering before moving house
  • Organising your new home after you've moved in
  • Deceased estates

Don't see the service you need? I'm keen to extend my range of services.
It's quite possible that I can help - just ask!

Getting help to declutter your space and get organised is an investment that makes good sense – an investment in yourself and your life.

  • It saves you time, and time is money
  • You become more efficient and productive
  • Your social life improves, because you're relaxed about having people come into your home
  • You get clutter-free and organised sooner, so you can get on with your life and focus on what's important to you.
You are important. Invest in yourself, your life, and your peace of mind.

"I absolutely recommend Linda,

and wish I'd found her ages ago. Its easy to waste days and days of your precious life stumbling around in a clutter, thinking you should be able to sort things by yourself.  I will definitely call Linda if I need more help."

 - Andrea Halley, Mangere Bridge


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