Hey, it was awesome working with you!  We are well on our way to an organized place.  Today I went through some of the office stuff and it no longer feels like the chain of dependencies in putting things away is infinitely long - I just put things away!

 - Rich Bodo, Grey Lynn

Thank you for your time, expertise and support yesterday. I gained a lot from the day and enjoyed my time with you. You have a great way of coaching, not directing. It's a gift. Am feeling much lighter and far more motivated to clear old boxes now - presume that means we succeeded in creating a system with flow. My day continues with a little you on my shoulder gently steering me back to the book every time I go to write notes on a rogue scrap of paper. :)

 - Christina, Auckland

Linda’s organising service is nothing less than amazing. My wardrobe was transformed from a dark, cluttered mess to a ‘work of art’ that show cases every item of clothing and piece of jewellery in a gorgeous and organised fashion. 

Thank you Linda,
You are the best professional organiser out there!

 - Yana, Helensville, Auckland 

My day spent with Linda has been life-changing: I was swamped with clothes I couldn't bear to part with, many of which I didn't wear from year to year because they didn't surface from the general mess. I felt burdened, paralysed and despairing that I seemed unable to get organised.

I did a preliminary clear-out with a friend, then Linda came and magically helped me sort out what clothes I wanted to keep and the rest have gone to recycling. It was hard mental work, but Linda kept me at it, past the point when I would normally have given up. Having her there kept me motivated.

Then we moved onto my painting studio, which terribly messy with way too much furniture and painting supplies 'I might use one day'. It had become a space I didn't want to work in at all.

My studio now is an absolute dream, it is completely ordered, I know where everything is, and excess filing cabinets and tables have gone. I have a few other things to do, like putting in a ceiling and installing better lighting, but that will be easy now that I can see what I need.

Linda and I quietly worked through the day, I very much appreciated her non-judgemental attitude and persistence. Working with a professional  is quite different to working with a friend, or trying to do it on your own. I think I absorbed some useful skills also, which can I continue to use on other problem areas in the house.

I absolutely recommend Linda, and wish I'd found her ages ago. Its easy to waste days and days of your precious life stumbling around in a clutter, thinking you should be able to sort things by yourself.  I will definitely call Linda if I need more help.

 - Andrea Halley, Mangere Bridge

"Linda's done a brilliant job… we worked very well together. And now my room looks like a dream. I'm feeling much lighter… and happy, and smiling, and it's a real load off my mind, getting rid of all these bags of clothes. Thank you, Linda"
- Estelle Bottrill, Sydney Australia
"Thank you for the information and advice, it has been received with a huge amount of appreciation. I can happily tell you that the state of my desk has not retuned back to disorganized mess, it used to be. I would say "you wouldn't believe it..." but I am sure you can as you knew what the result would be, but it is a JOY to sit at my desk. To know that all the files are in their right place and I have a clear cut system that allows me to work through a process, it is a delight. Wishing you and your business all the very best."
- Sacha Sank, Rapaura Water Gardens, Te Puru, Coromandel Peninsula
"I was feeling overwhelmed and unorganized because of the fact everything was everywhere and nothing had a place. Then I hired Linda and she helped organise us and put in place things to keep us organised so we can stay ahead of the complications of life. Linda and I worked on the office, garage, shed and spare room. I found that she was extremely helpful and knowledgable. I have an organised office and garage and systems in place to keep it that way, and now I'm feeling clear minded and in control. We really enjoyed having Linda here, we tackled so much and she remained as into it as the first hour. She was trulyey amazing and I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone and everyone who needs things organised. she worked inside and outside for us."
- Vanessa Wansbrough, Hamilton Waikato
"I was feeling frustrated that nothing I did made a difference to my work space and home. It seemed like once I was moving clutter around from room to room. I had read the books, tried the systems yet nothing stuck. I thought it was just not possible to have an organised space without me cluttering up somehow.

I got to the point that I knew something had to give. That to have a home that worked for all of us mattered and it was time to get an expert in. This was not something I would feel comfortable with before however I realised if really wanted a home that was cosy and comfortable I needed a team approach.

I gave Linda a call and was honest about what I was dealing with. I explained the areas that were frustrating me the most and we discuss the areas that we could focus on. The phone call left me feeling like there was nothing wrong with me and my home, it was missing something that Linda and I could work on together to have a home that was organised.

Linda and I worked on my work space. Since the company I worked for had gone bankrupt I had started using the space as a dumping ground, and holding on to things that were not needed any more. Also my habit of spreading myself out over any clear surface had already taken over. As we worked together I realised that there was nothing to afraid of. Linda gave me advice and suggestions along the way that helped me see the spaces in my house in a new light and how I could use it differently, in ways I had never thought of. I got to see the things that I "thought" were important were not and it was easy to let them go. I have now got a work area I am proud of and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. There is floor I haven't seen in 5 years.

Not only that, the ideas and guidelines she gave me helped me to sort other rooms in the house too. Before it was hard work and tiring, now I see what needs to be done and do it with no stress.

I highly recommend anyone who needs to get a space in their home organised and working for them to call Linda. She is thoughtful and can help you to see new ways of making your space really work for you and be a place you can be proud of."
- Kathryn, Pukekohe Auckland

"I cannot say enough how great Linda is at her job. She is extremely talented at her field. We had her come for the day and we tackled most of our home, inside and out, and she remained excited and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. My house has never been so organised!! I would and am recommending her to anyone who is looking to get themselves in and organised home or office."
- TradeMe Member mrwheeler
"Linda recently came to my home and resorted my office for me......I used to stay out of it as much as possible, now it is a pleasure to go in to it, all my papers are filed in a nice easy to manage way. Linda is easy to work with and really listens to your needs and is non judgemental! Very important as far as I am conerned. She will turn her hand to anything, we even went out and bought flat pack cupboards which she built for me. Very impressed. Thank you Linda"
- TradeMe Member marg41
"I am beyond impressed at the results we received by having Linda for the day. She was so knowledgable and made the process fun. She mediated my partner and I through some disagreements which would of turned the process into a disaster. She is a very hard worker and I would highly recommend her for any job. In one day we organised our whole office, garage, shed, and spare room all for a very fair price. We will certainly be using her again!!"
- TradeMe Member vanessaw27
"The process is working very well, kids responded brilliantly to their toys as they now know where everything is! Still having to train them about cleaning up end of the day and putting things in right boxes but overall it's great. Thank you very much!"
- Angela Stone, Balmoral

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