Before starting to organise your belongings and your life, it's most important to clear your clutter first – or you could end up organising junk. Talk about a waste of time and effort!
Being organised is not primarily about having the latest and greatest spiffy expensive gadgets. (Gadgets and fancy containers can be fun, of course, but you can get by with a minimum if you don't have the budget for them).

It's more about having structures and systems that work for you and your life – that work with your personality and learning style, so that over time you will need to spend less and less time and energy to operate and maintain them.

Please don't go out and spend lots of money on fancy containers to store your things – until you know exactly what volume you need to store.
Organising is the next logical step after decluttering. You need to have logical homes for things, so you can be sure of finding them when you need them – every time.

Part of getting organised is having simple systems and disciplines in place – for example, always putting your keys in the same place, so that you can stop wasting time looking for them when you're racing out.

It can take a lot of concentration at first, especially if you're not born that way, but it's well worth making the effort to train yourself.
Another thing about organising – it's not about being perfect. And it's never going to be perfect – you've got a life, after all, and life keeps happening… things are going to get out of shape. It's part of the deal. The trick is to know how to get back on track again afterwards. And it's a great thing to know that, in the midst of turmoil, you'll be able to get it back under control very soon. Instead of wasting energy freaking out, you can confidently relax and focus on what you're doing.
Do you need a system for keeping track of

  • Your days?
  • Your bills?
  • Your time?
  • Your information?
  • All the jobs you need to do?
Do you need help to set up a filing system for your home or workplace??

If you struggle with these issues and would like some help to set up some systems and gain some control over your space, your time, or your life, contact Linda at Organising Services to help you move to the next level of productivity and achievement.

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