I'd feel embarrassed to have anyone come to my home and see the mess.

It's only natural. Your cluttered habitat doesn't show you at your best. But this is my job. I've seen it all before – some of it undoubtedly much worse than yours is. The worse it is, the better I like it – and the more dramatic the results you'll see when we've finished.

Will you bully me into getting rid of my treasures?

Not at all! Respect for my clients is a foundation principle of my business. It's your life and your stuff. I won't push you harder than you're willing to go. You are the one who will determine what's important to you, and what you choose to keep.

By getting someone in to help, it feels as though I'm admitting defeat.
With the increasing demands of life, we're all being forced into operating at a higher level – working longer, harder, and smarter. Working smarter includes delegating or getting help with the things we're not good at; the tasks we don't enjoy; and those that aren't the very best use of our time. Clearing the clutter may well be one of these for you. If you focus on the outcome (a clean, tidy, organised space), then getting help to quickly clear your clutter is an obvious stepping-stone to your success.

Why should I pay someone to come and help with something I could do myself?
Doing it yourself is one alternative – if that works for you, great! If you work well alone… If you can stick with it… If you have time. If you have energy left for it after all your other work is done. If you can wait for weeks, months, or even years to get the improvement you want. Overseas, busy people are increasingly turning to professional organisers for help, so that they can use their precious free time on something more enjoyable. How soon do you want the results?

I'm not a disorganised person – I just need some help – another pair of hands.
That's fine – I'm happy to work with you to get back in control of your life and your space. Contact me!

How long will it take?
Because each case is different, I make no promises as to what we will be able to achieve in a day. I do work diligently to get your space as organised as possible in the time we have together. There are many variables that affect the length of time – the nature and extent of the clutter, what needs to be done, the amount of storage available, and your speed at making decisions. Because paperwork is more labour-intensive, home offices typically take a full day. Other rooms are generally faster, so we may be able to complete two, three, or more in a day.

Will you come and organise my stuff while I'm at work?
No. I've experimented with working this way, but I don't enjoy it. I'm not a mind-reader (yet...).

I work with my clients - that way I know that the decisions made are the right ones for them. It's fine if you need to pop out to drop off or pick up your children, as long as I'm clear on what you need me to do while you're away.

I know emergencies happen, but if you can, avoid long phone-calls while we're working together. And if something crops up and you can't be there after all, please let me know and we'll reschedule.

How much does it cost?
Half Day $200*
School Day $250*
Full Day $300*
* Labour only – storage products and stationery items are extra


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