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You may have built your business up from scratch, and you didn't know what systems you'd be needing. (I can identify - that happened to me, too.) It didn't matter too much at first - you were fired up, and you had plenty of energy to deal with it all. But as time went on and business picked up, the lack of systems became apparent. You found yourself running to keep up, and never quite getting there.

Or you may have bought an existing business, and inherited antiquated and ineffective systems, systems with gaping holes, or a complete lack of systems. That's undoubtedly why the previous owner got burnt out and sold the business to you!

It is very stressful trying to operate your business or your life without good systems - things keep falling through the cracks - deadlines missed, bills unpaid, penalty payments, paper piling up everywhere...

Your mind gets so cluttered and overloaded that it has hardly any room for thinking about your work, let alone doing it! It's exhausting trying to function like this - your days are spent fire-fighting rather than moving your business forward. You make the best decisions you can, but they never quite seem to be the right ones. You miss out on opportunities and lose money......

You know that you need to set up better systems, but you're up to your eyeballs in crises that keep happening, and you don't have the time or mental energy to even think about it, let alone implement anything.

You'll need to set aside a day or two of uninterrupted time - perhaps a Saturday or a whole weekend. I'll spend the day at your office, and we'll work together to set up a clear system for managing your workflow and retrieving the information you need.

I love working in offices - having them organised makes such a huge difference in my clients' lives.

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