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If you're running your small business from your home, there are even more demands on the space, and it's easy for the distinction between personal space and business space to become blurred. Especially if you have young children, it's surprising what can make its way into your office space - craft projects, toys, kids' homework, socks, food ....

Perhaps the space you have available just isn't working. There doesn't seem to be enough space to set it up properly, so you've just given up.

Because you have so many demands on your time, you tend to just shove or stack stuff wherever there's room. You think you'll come back to it later, but in the day-to-day struggle to stay afloat, that never seems to happen.

I'll come to your home and we'll spend a day - or two if necessary - in the office, sorting your papers. We'll work out what setup will work best for you, and put your systems in place. Of course, if your space is just way too small for your needs, I can't fix that for you, but I can help you maximise the usefulness of the space you do have. With clearly labelled places to put everything, you'll know exactly what to do with any piece of paper that comes your way.
"Thank you for the information and advice, it has been received with a huge amount of appreciation. I can happily tell you that the state of my desk has not retuned back to disorganized mess, it used to be. I would say "you wouldn't believe it..." but I am sure you can as you knew what the result would be, but it is a JOY to sit at my desk. To know that all the files are in their right place and I have a clear cut system that allows me to work through a process, it is a delight. Wishing you and your business all the very best."
- Sacha Sank, Rapaura Water Gardens, Te Puru, Coromandel Peninsula

I love working in offices - having them organised makes such a huge difference in my clients' lives.

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